Swimming Tips

Swim 101 by Anthony Mulholland

Practice The Distance: Whichever race you’re doing – be it the Sprint or Olympic – make sure that you’re capable of swimming that distance comfortably beforehand. As part of your training plan try a timed 600m continuous swim every 4 to 6 weeks. This will not only build your swim fitness but will also give you confidence that you can get out of the water fresh and ready to tackle the bike and run!

Get Used To Your Wetsuit: We’re not asking you to bring it to bed but take the time to get used to your wetsuit:
• From putting it on properly – Click here.
• To learning to swim in it – Click here.
• To getting it off as quickly as possible – Click here.

Open Water Practice: The open water is a different environment to the pool. Deep water starts, sighting, turning, drafting and swimming in close proximity to others are essential open water swim skills. As you can practice a lot of these techniques in the pool make sure to build some open water practice into all of your swim sessions. Practicing open water swimming will make a big difference to your performance on race day.

Relax: Regardless of what happens during the swim it’s important to remain as relaxed as possible. If your goggles fill with water, roll onto your back and adjust them – your wetsuit will keep you afloat. Focus on taking nice easy breaths and exhaling into the water – don’t hold your breath. Don’t forget that the swim is merely the start of a very challenging race so don’t empty the tank, and make sure you smile for the camera as you exit the water!