Swim Course

750m – Sprint Distance

This is a safe swim course which consists of a swim 375m in the direction of Chapelizod, followed by a turn and a 375m swim back to the Garda Boat Club.

Concerned about Safety?

On the day we will have rescue kayaks, a rescue rigid inflatable and rescue swimmers – all eyes on you.

We will also be setting athletes off in waves – this ensures a more comfortable start to your race. The large pontoon supplied by Pontoon Ireland will slope into the water from the bank of the river, making it easy to enter and exit.

General swim information

  • There will be a pontoon leading into the river. Swimmers must enter the river on the upstream side of the pontoon and exit on the downstream side only.
  • Please ensure you are happy with estimated swim time but this is only used as a guideline with the fastest male swimmers in wave 1, all female in wave 2 and a mix in the balance of waves You will have been given a swim hat with the colour for your wave which you MUST wear.
  • For safety reasons there will be a 10 to 15 minute gap between each swim start. IF YOU ARE A WEAK SWIMMER KEEP TO THE BACK OF YOUR START.
  • Swim start will be in the water near the river bank.
  • Keep near to the centre of the river to avoid the reeds on the river’s edge
  • Swim downstream keeping the buoys on your right hand side. When you reach the last buoy swim around it and back upstream. Continue past the start area on your right and around the end buoy furthest upstream before swimming downstream to the swim exit.
  • Canoeists, assisted by a power boat, will marshal the swim course.
  • Exit the swim via the pontoon safely.
  • If a swimmer wishes to retire from the swim for any reason, they should lie on their back, raise their clenched fist in the air, stay calm and a rescue canoeist will come to your assistance. Follow the instructions of the marshal who will bring you to safety.
  • If you retire from the swim, you are required to inform marshals immediately. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your TI Race License.
  • There will be a time limit on the swim. This will be confirmed on the day by the race director. A swim marshal has full discretion to remove you from the swim if they feel that you are endangering yourself or others. Don’t worry; the vast majority of swimmers will be finished in good time.
  • If you are assisted in the swim or your swim is cut short by the race director, you will be allowed to continue the race if you wish to do so but will receive no official time and your timing chip will be removed.
  • The central divide of the swim course will be maintained by lengths of floating tubing. This is exclusively a safety measure in order to prevent collisions between upstream and downstream swimmers. It is not intended as a flotation aid for swimmers. If competitors hold on to the tubing, the securing anchors will drag along the bottom impeding the swim course. Consequently, unless a swimmer is in difficulty, anyone holding on to the tubing or buoys either prior to the start or during the swim will be deemed to be assisted in the swim, and thus receive no official time. Canoeists will enforce this rule rigidly.
  • Competitors will have signed a form stating that they are competent swimmers, and are thus expected to be proficient at treading water – which will be necessary immediately prior to their wave start.