Running Tips

Run 101 by Steven Moody

Practise “Bricking it”: Build brick sessions into your DCT training plan – a “brick session” is where you start one race discipline almost immediately after another. The key brick session to practice is the transition from “bike-to-run”. To get your leg muscle groups going from cycling to running build in a short run after each long cycle session. It needn’t be long and drawn out – a short 5 to 10 minute run straight after parking your bike will go a long way to mentally and physically preparing you for race day. Make sure you leave your running kit beside the door to avoid the temptation to skip!

Cross-Country running: As the run circuit for DCT is mainly “off-road” through the Phoenix Park it makes sense to do a lot of your training on similar terrain. So make use of your local parks. A great training option is to take part in the weekly 5km timed park runs as they’ll give you first-hand experience of a race situation on a similar sort of terrain and environment.

Water: Take the water provided at the water stations. Even if you don’t drink it, splash a bit on your face.

Hills/Speed Work: While running miles and miles at a steady pace will improve your fitness and get you in shape to cover the 10k on race day, it will also ensure that you remain relatively one-paced. To increase your speed, build some hill repeats and speed work into your training plan. This builds “fast-twitch” muscles and hopefully ensures that you have the gears on the day for that finish line sprint to beat your friend/colleague or long-time tri nemesis!