10 tips Olympian Sinead Lynch wishes she’d had her first triathlon

June 8, 2017 Leave your thoughts Posted under

By Claire Gorman

Your first triathlon can seem like an overwhelming experience, but Olympic rower Sinead Lynch has given us her top tips for being fully prepared on race day.

Sinead, who competed in Rio 2016 alongside teammate Claire Lambe, will take to the start line of Dublin City Triathlon this summer.

She’s given us a list of things she knew before her first triathlon so we’re ready for the big day on August 27.

  1. Train with a friend, especially one that’s also doing the race, if possible. This way you can both motivate each other and you can keep each other calm when setting up in transition and travelling to the race.
  2. Eat plenty of complex carbohydrates the night before so you’re well fueled for the next day.
  3. Stick to what you normally have for breakfast and what you know will agree with your stomach, even if you’re nervous.
  4. Don’t overeat during the race itself. It’ll likely be a short enough race for your first so you won’t need a huge amount of nutrition. You don’t want to feel too full on the course.
  5. Do most of your drinking on the bike – it’s easiest on the stomach.
  6. Practice the bike to run transition before race day. Your legs might feel like jelly when you start the run, but this will give you the confidence to know you can run through it.
  7. Practice running into transition from the swim entry after you set up your bike. Pick a landmark for your bike so you can find it easily.
  8. Elastic laces! I wish someone had told me about these before my first race. They cost just a few euro and save a lot of hassle.
  9. Most importantly, enjoy it! Have fun, enjoy the atmosphere and do your best!