Cycle Course

Bike Course (Subject to Final Stakeholder Approval)

–          Follow Bike Exit  and turn left to cross mount line

–          Turn 1 Right after 860M (Caution on Cobbles)

–          Turn 2 Left after 80 M and climb Upper Glen Road (elevation 40M)

–          Turn 3 Right after 1.8 KM onto flat Furze Road

–          Turn 4 Left after 1.1 KM onto Chesterfield Avenue (very gentle drag)

–          Turn 5 180 Degree Turn after 700M

–          Turn 6 Right after 1.3 KM onto Acres Road (caution traffic crossover point)

–          Turn 7 Left after 1km (Extreme caution tight turn downhill)

–          Turn 8 Left after 100 M

–          Turn 9 Right after 1.65 KM (caution fast downhill section before right turn)

–          Turn 10 Right after 150 M (Caution on Cobbles)

–          Continue straight to complete second lap (Caution keep right)

–          After completion of second lap use filter lane at Bike In making sure to dismount before the dismount line.

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